5 Reasons why you aren’t gaining Instagram followers!

4 min readFeb 1, 2021


With over 1 Billion active users on Instagram, it’s thriving. Instagram has created a lot of opportunities for individuals to earn money & be creative! I’m one of them, from the past few years I’ve been able to work with amazing brands on various campaigns on Instagram plus work with amazing like-minded people who want to build their own successful brand on Instagram.

With over increasing desire to become an influencer/content creator / a successful brand owner on Instagram it’s becoming difficult day by day to grow it into a full-fledged business just in a couple of months.

Don’t get me wrong, Growing on Instagram for yourself & your brand is the best thing to do in 2021 but it’s not 2014 wherein you’ll upload an image & gain hundreds of followers. The brand-building process has become more longer & way more strategic but here are some reasons why you might not be gaining followers on your Instagram.

  1. Not being Consistent.
    I know every person has said this but trust me being consistent help. Take it in this way, the more you show up for your audience the more they’ll trust you. They’ll know that you’re serious about this. If you post 1–2 times a week the chances of getting your post on explore page are also 1–2 times; however, the more you post the more are your chances of getting featured on the explore page & getting your post in front of thousands and thousands of people!

I read this somewhere and I can not agree more “ What comes easy won’t last, what lasts won’t come easy.”

2. Your Content isn’t good enough.
Ouch, that hurts. I know but look at it in this way…
It’s 2021 people are posting videos/photos which are highly appealing to the audience their quality of videos is upgrading day by day. Their skillset is upgrading, the efforts are increasing as we speak. Now if you take a look at your content what do you see? My motto behind telling this to you is that you can not post 2016 content ( selfies, unedited pics, random videos ) in 2021 & expect it to blow up. People over the years have seen the normal content which is available, they always want to see something new, something better. So ask yourself, how can I make my existing content better? For me my answer will be, “ I know people are bored of watching normal makeup tutorials, I can bring in something better by showing them colourful eyeshadow look or maybe transition makeup tutorials!”

See what’s currently trending & implement it with your base content piece.

3. Not having a Clear Engaging Profile.
Having a clear strong message on your profile look is a must. People are much likely to follow a profile which has a Good Display Picture, A Good Bio, Proper maintained Instagram Highlights & content which engages them to stay. If you feel like your page is lacking these then you can go ahead & change them!

4. You’re using Strategies that Don’t WORK!
It’s 2021 guys, FOLLOW UNFOLLOW won’t work. Again people will slap me in the face if they hear this one more time but it’s true! Doing shady tactics such as Follow Unfollow won’t work, yes I know it used to work in 2014, 2015 but now it doesn’t. By doing Follow- Unfollow, Like For Like, Comment For Comment, etc is just going to be more harmful to your page. Instagram now has set a limit for the number of follows, likes, comment actions you can do in an hour. So even if you’re thinking to do follow unfollow Instagram will already know that.

5. You Post about Everything!
Lastly, not having a Niche can also harm your page in the long term. Having at least 2–3 niches to talk about on your page and stick to it, do not go overboard with 5 different subjects to talk about. The smaller the niche the better it is for you to grow your page!

These were some reasons why you might not be growing on Instagram.




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