How Planning has Made me a Better Person!

3 min readFeb 6, 2021


Hi, I’m Urvee. My friends call me the Planning Freak. I’m obsessed with planning things, details, tasks, events, strategies everything! Here’s a short introduction about me, I’m 23 I am a Beauty & a Fashion Creator on Instagram @_urvee_ with that I have my own social media marketing agency @urveedesigns on top of that I have my own Youtube Channel. And now I’m on Medium as well! By this, you might already know that my plate is pretty full & I have a lot of things to do on a daily. I love my work & what I do for a living which has made me the person and the Planner Freak that I am today.

Planning has made me more aware of my goals. It has given me a sense of direction on what I should do next & how can I achieve those goals in a timely manner. Planning also helps me stay focused on what needs to be done and be super organized when it comes to managing 2 Instagram Accounts, 1 Youtube Channel & this medium blog that you’re reading.

Listing down gets things into perspective.
We can stand up here for a debate but listing all your plans & to-do lists on a paper are far more doable and actionable than writing them down in your phone. I don’t know what it is but writing truly puts everything into perspective. I have my monthly bullet journal to fill in my goals & be clear on them. With that, I write down my daily tasks just to be extra clear.

The Calendar Technique
If you’re a content creator, YouTuber who focuses on writing content on social media platforms then this Calendar Technique is for you! I have a Calendar set separately for my Youtube schedule, Medium schedule etc. This way whenever I go to these monthly calendar logs I exactly know what needs to be done for the week.

The Bulk Process
Bulking content is something that I love & this has truly helped me to stay focused & be consistent across various social media platforms. Bulking content means creating content for the upcoming weeks/days in 1 day. I usually do this for most of my videos, photos & blog posts. One of the greatest advantages of this is that once you get into the zone of creating videos or writing blog posts; it’s way easier for you to get things done quickly & in less time. Right now as we speak, I’ve written down 3 articles for medium within 1.5 hours and that’s my work of writing blog posts done for the week in 2 hours! Pretty cool isn’t it?

My Standard Tools to plan is my Trusty Bullet Journal & a to-do list page. What are your Planning tools? Do you use any apps to plan? I’d love to know!




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