What I’ve learned by working from home in 3 years.

Work from home. This phrase has been overly used by now. I have the feeling that some people hate it and some actually love it! For me, I love it. I’ve been working from home right after I graduated from my college, WFH has become my lifestyle over the years. Now there are its pros & con’s like every work environment it looks perfect but honestly, it isn’t. Here are a few things I would like to tell you on how to actually enjoy it & make the most out of your Work from Home Experience.

  1. The bliss of Not Travelling.
    I live in Mumbai, it’s a very crowded city filled with millions of people living in it. And that brings a lot of traffic, long hours of commute to work, rush hours, crowds, etc. But because of how flexible my work environment is I’m thankful that I don’t usually have to travel in a rush during traffic. That’s 1 beauty of WFH that I’m so sure all of us LOVE! No traffic no Rush!

Work from home is definitely simple yet so complex for all of us. All we can do is take 1 step at a time & slowly take control of our work environment. I always loved this quote “ Work is a part of your life, not all your life” As much as we love working we also need the escape from it, though we can’t really travel right now here were some ways to escape & free yourself.



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